God’s Opportunities

I’m reading through Acts right now and this morning a verse leapt off the page at me.  Now, I’ve read Acts before – several times – and this particular verse was always very still; it stayed right there on the page.  Today, though, leaping.  I know to pay attention when verses start doing that, so I’ve been listening to hear what He would say to me about it. 

The verse in question was Acts 3:12:

Peter saw his opportunity and addressed the crowd.

Well, on the surface, that verse may not seem too impressive, but bear in mind…leaping. 

The first four words were what really captured my attention, and they ran through my mind all day long.  “Peter saw his opportunity…”

I thought back to a day a couple of weeks ago when I was having a casual conversation with a woman whom I barely knew.  The Lord gave me words to speak to her and a question to ask her, and I obeyed and said what He gave me to say.  Her reaction was stunning to me, and the very next day two of my friends and I were able to lead her to Christ!  It was a gorgeous opportunity.

Opportunity.  There’s that word again.

How many opportunities do I miss each day?  How many times am I so focused on myself or some trivial little matter that I don’t take time to listen for my Father’s voice, giving me words to say and people to speak with?  How many times do I miss beauty in other people because I’m not paying attention to them?  How many times do I miss His whispers to my heart because of preoccupation with some grossly lesser matter?   

Well, back in the book of Acts, Peter saw his opportunity…and he took it.  He addressed the crowd.  What happened then?  He shared the Gospel with them, and the number of believers increased to around 5,000 men, not including the women and children.  Not bad!

I want to be someone who sees the opportunities that God gives me.  Opportunities to encourage someone, to speak words of hope and peace to someone, to go out of my comfort zone and really love someone.  Once I see them, I want to be like Peter and take action.  I wonder what He wants to do in and through me?  🙂 

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