The Wedding at Cana

In John 2:1-11, we read about a wedding that took place in Cana.  Jesus, his mother and his disciples were all guests at this wedding.  However, as the celebration went on, the wine that had been provided ran out.  Mary brings this to the attention of Jesus, knowing that he will do something about it. She therefore instructs the servants to do whatever Jesus says.  At his instruction, the servants fill six large jars to the brim with water, and then they take some to the master of ceremonies.

The master of ceremonies knows nothing of what has transpired, but when he tastes the water, which is now wine, I imagine that he becomes very excited.  He calls over the bridegroom and exclaims, “You have kept the best until now!”  Because of the miracle they had seen, the disciples believed in Him.

Jesus performs this miracle very quietly and inconspicuously.  Most people who were present at the wedding ceremony did not even realize that a miracle had been performed in their midst that evening.  In fact, only Mary, the disciples and the servants knew of the miracle that changed the water into wine.  Jesus seems not to have wanted to upstage the marriage celebration by becoming the center of attention, as He surely would have had the people seen what He had done.

There are three points about this passage that I find remarkable.

First, Mary sees the need and she goes straight to Jesus, knowing that he will do something about it.  This is a remarkable step of faith as up to this point, Jesus has not performed any miracles.  However, she makes her request on the behalf of another known to Jesus. She also takes action that will allow her to receive the miracle by telling the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.”

Second, the bridegroom is unaware of his need.  He has no idea that he has run out of wine. He has no idea that it was Jesus who has provided the new wine for him.  Yet he and all of the guests present are beneficiaries of God’s goodness and generosity.

Third, Jesus answers the need with an overabundance.    Jesus doesn’t provide just the bare minimum needed to get by; he does “immeasurably  more than all we ask or imagine” (Eph 3:20).  The six jars would have held between 120-180 GALLONS of wine for the celebration.

I wonder how many times someone else has seen a need in my life that I’m unaware of and they have gone to God with that need in prayer and in faith.  I wonder how many times Jesus has quietly and sweetly provided miraculously for me when I didn’t even know I needed His provision.  I wonder how many times I’ve been a beneficiary of His overabundance.

I wonder who I can lift up in prayer today so that they might also be beneficiary of God’s goodness and generosity.

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