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The Broken Road to Georgia

“Uh-oh,” I said to my husband, Michael, “This is NOT good.”

It was last Friday night and I was driving my relatively new car down I-75 S about thirty miles outside of Lexington, KY where we live.  We were heading to Georgia for the weekend to visit with family and to attend the University of Georgia football game on Saturday.  I was in the middle of three southbound lanes and cruising along with traffic at 80 mph when all of a sudden three of the dashboard warning lights started coming on and the radio display began flashing.  The next thing I knew, ALL of the dashboard warning lights were on and I lost all power to the car.

I was in quite a fix.  Traffic was heavy.  There were large 18 wheelers lumbering along in the right hand lane and people were whizzing by me in the left hand lane.  I had no turn signals and no emergency flashers to even warn people that I was slowing down.  As the car slowed, people in my lane began swerving to either lane beside me to avoid me, some with horns honking in irritation.

Finally I got an opening in the traffic in the right hand lane, and I was able to safely navigate my ever-slowing car into that lane and on into the emergency lane.  Whew!  From there, we called for a tow truck to haul us back to the dealer in Lexington, then an Uber to pick us up at the dealer and take us back to our house so that we could get Michael’s car, and we started our journey all over again.  (We eventually made it to my dad’s house outside Atlanta at a few minutes before 3 a.m.!)

As we drove down I-75 the second time, we started recounting God’s blessings to us just in this little incident:

  • We were able to safely navigate to the side of the road in a very dangerous situation.
  • The manufacturer of the car provided the tow truck service at no cost to us.
  • The tow truck arrived quickly.
  • The tow truck driver was very pleasant and very professional and we enjoyed our ride with him.
  • The Uber driver was also quite prompt,  pleasant and cordial and we enjoyed our ride with him also.
  • All of the work to be done on my car, which has turned out to be fairly extensive, is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty at no cost to us.
  • We had a second car available so that we were still able to make the trip in spite of the delay.
  • I was not driving alone on this trip (as I often do).
  • The car broke down close enough to Lexington that we were able to be towed to our regular dealer and were not left stranded somewhere for the night.

This is just a fraction of the ways that He blessed us that night, and we remain in awe of the many ways that He took care of us in the whole situation.  Isn’t He marvelous?  Don’t His many blessings speak of His great love for us?  We give Him all the thanks and praise and glory!

How do you see the Lord working in your life?  What blessings are you thanking Him for today?  Leave a post in the comments!