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I’ve Lost It!

The other night, something jolted me awake from a dead sleep at around 2:30 a.m.  My left hand immediately flew to my ear, and I realized that the diamond stud earring that I always wear was gone.  Oh, no!  Quickly I checked my right ear, and that stud was firmly in place.

I checked the left again.  Yep, still gone.

Not wanting to wake my sleeping husband, I began feeling around my pillow in the dark to see if I could find the earring.  I found the back to it, but no diamond stud.  Had my husband added my jewelry on our homeowner’s insurance?  I wasn’t sure…but I knew I had to find that earring.

I went into the bathroom as I thought that would be the most likely place for the earring to have fallen out.  I turned on the light and looked everywhere.  No luck.

I went back into the bedroom and decided that I had to search the bed.  I couldn’t find it by feel, and I started wondering if it had fallen to the floor.  I had visions of it being sucked up into the vacuum cleaner, never to be seen again.  I had to find it, even if it meant tearing the whole house apart in the process.

Eventually I turned on the bedside lamp, hopeful that it wouldn’t disturb my husband.  I turned back the covers….and there it was.  Whew!!!  What a relief.  I quickly turned off the lamp again and then tightly fastened the earring back into my left ear where it belonged.  The whole escapade didn’t even wake up my husband.  🙂

In Luke 15, Jesus tells a parable of a woman who lost a gold coin and turned her whole house upside down looking for it.  A parable is a story that Jesus used to help his contemporaries understand what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.  In the parable, the woman eventually found her lost coin.  When she found it, she threw a party and invited her friends to come and celebrate with her.  In verse 10, Jesus concludes:

“In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

The Bible says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).  To repent just means to turn away from your sinful ways and to embrace God’s ways.   Jesus says that even the angels of God rejoice when just one sinner repents.  Isn’t that amazing?

I well remember in my own faith story, which you can read here, how God used a pastor’s words to help me “Get found!”  Yes, I was the lost child that God valued so highly that He would have torn apart the whole house looking for me.  When I came out of hiding on October 14, 2001 and got found by Him, there was rejoicing in Heaven – they threw a party to celebrate!  Can you imagine that??  It’s astonishing to me.

You can get found, too, if you haven’t already.  Just pray a humble prayer that you truly mean from the bottom of your heart, and Jesus will accept you.  You don’t have to clean up your act first or get your life in order – He wants you just as you are, right now, wherever you are.  His Word tells us that “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13).   You can use your own words, or you can pray this simple prayer:

“Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinful person and I have fallen short of your glory.  I ask that You would please forgive me of all of my sins – past, present and future – and wash me clean.  I no longer want to live that life; I want to follow Your ways.  From this day forward, please come into every area of my heart and lead my life.  Be my Savior.  I receive your gift of grace and I receive your incredible love for me.  Thank You, Jesus.  Amen.”

AMEN!!!  If you have just prayed that prayer, would you please tell me so that I can celebrate with you?  If you’ve already received Him, I’d love it if you’d post your date in the comments below so that I can celebrate you as well.  🙂  Blessings to all of you!

Finding Sydney

This story happened several years back when my daughter, Sydney, was probably about five years old.  I had stopped at the mall with her and my other two daughters for a quick look at some exercise equipment in the sporting goods store that was at the end of one of the “arms” of the mall.  Since we were just going to be there for a few minutes, I left my cell phone in the car and off we went.  In the sporting goods store, we quickly looked at some of the treadmills and moved on to the workout clothing, when suddenly I realized that Sydney was no longer trailing behind me.  I re-traced my steps with my other two daughters, expecting to find Sydney still looking at something we had already passed, but she wasn’t there.  In fact, I couldn’t find her ANYWHERE.

If you’re a parent, you can imagine what was going through my mind — every story I’d ever heard of every child abduction and all the ways that this could end really badly.  Very calmly but firmly, I asked for the manager to come right away because I had a missing child.  The manager seemed willing to help but uninformed as to what to do, so I calmly asked him to post security people at each of the entrances/exits from the building.  I waited, but there were no reports of having found her.  I had them check the bathrooms and the changing rooms, and those were also reported to be clear.  Other store personnel were fanning out across both floors of the store, but they were coming up empty.

This simply could NOT be happening.  I felt the fear really beginning to rise now, although I was fighting it.  I knew I needed prayer…but my phone was in the car.  I had no way in that moment to reach out to my prayer warrior friends or to ask people to come to the mall and help me find my daughter.  WHY had I left my phone in the car???  Meanwhile, I was still directing the search for Sydney with the help of the store manager.  I was standing at the entryway to and from the mall “arm”, scanning everywhere for the light brown curls of Sydney’s hair as I clutched the shoulder of Sydney’s twin sister.  

Fear threatened to turn to outright panic.  I prayed hard.  Seconds felt like minutes…minutes felt like hours.  I said to the store manager that he needed to lock the store down and call in the police if she weren’t found in the next minute or two.  I saw the indecision on his face and was preparing to convince him, when suddenly a young man walked up to me and said, “Are you missing a little girl?”  HOPE sprang up in my heart.  “Yes,” I said, and I described her to him.  He said he thought he had seen her down the “arm” of the mall and asked if I wanted to come see if it was her.  I did, but I also didn’t want to leave the store I was in, afraid that they would stop the search for her and that I would never again see my precious girl.  The young man saw my dilemma and asked instead if I would rather he go check and see if it was, in fact, my daughter.  With gratitude beyond anything I could measure, I said, “Yes, please.”  He jogged off down the mall.

Tick.  Tick.  Tick.  So much time had passed.  Where was she?  Was she okay?  Was this going to work out all right?  I prayed fervently.  

Finally, I saw the young man returning to where I stood, a huge smile on his face.  Just behind him was a concerned-looking woman holding the hand of my precious daughter.  A cry of relief sprang from my lips as I ran to her, my arms open wide, with a quick, “Thank you SO MUCH” to the young man.  He was my hero for sure.  As I hugged Sydney, the woman with her explained that she worked at the pretzel place in the middle of the mall and that it was her habit to watch for lost kids.  When she spotted Sydney, she brought her into the safety of the pretzel stand and they tried to call me, not knowing where I was.  Again, I mentally kicked myself for not bringing in my phone on this “quick trip” that had almost turned into a nightmare…but the most important thing was that I had my Sydney back safely again, thanks to these two heroes — the woman who found her and the young man who recognized the look of anguish on my face and put it together with a missing child.  There is nothing that I wouldn’t have done to repay these two heroes for returning my daughter safely to me.

It struck me later that day that this is how the Father feels about His lost children.  His heart breaks because they are apart from Him, and He searches and searches.  “Have you seen My son?  Have you seen My daughter?”  Every now and then, one of us gets to help one of these lost children find their way home.  We get to tell them about the love that the Father has for them, how He longs to hold them close and tell them how precious they are.  Then, we get to knock on the door of Heaven and ask the Father, “Is this him?  Is this her?  Is this the one for whom You’ve been searching?”  Then we get to put the child’s hand in the hand of the Father, and His heart is overwhelmed with gratitude and love.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”  Luke 19:10