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I recently posted this picture on my Facebook page.  It’s a picture of me from way back when I was 9 or 10 years old, riding a friend’s pony, Goldie.  I also posted several other pictures that were taken in that same era, and I have enjoyed the comments of friends and family alike as we have re-lived some memories together.  It has been very fun to connect with them again over those particular memories — times that I have cherished, although some of the moments had faded from memory before finding these photographs.

When we get to Heaven, I believe that we’ll find that God has photo albums full of His favorite memories of us from our time here on Earth.  (After all, He has other books, so why not some photo albums and scrapbooks?)  He cherishes us and I’ll bet that He has mementos of key moments in our lives.  I can picture myself sitting cross-legged on the floor with Jesus, photo albums and scrapbooks lying open, laughing and smiling and sharing memories with Him and with other loved ones who have gone before me.  How wonderful that will be!