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A Valentine's Thought About Nothing

I know many who dread Valentine’s Day every year. It can be very difficult for those who long to have a significant other, someone special with whom to spend time and do romantic things.

While I understand the desire to experience that with another human being, isn’t it amazing that we already have Someone who loves us unconditionally? Someone who gave Himself sacrificially for us. Someone who has never stopped loving us and who never will, no matter what. In fact, NOTHING can separate us from His love. That’s incredible! Our marital status, our employment status, our bank balance, and even our sins cannot separate us from His love. That’s the kind of love that I want! That’s the kind of love that Jesus offers.

Have you ever stopped to consider how great His love is for you personally? If not, I invite you to do so. Just ask Him to show you His love for you, and it will be His great pleasure to do it. If you need some help, just message me — it would be my privilege to help you hear His voice.

Happy Valentine’s Day!